Paint chip cards are a brilliant free resource, and can be used in so many ways! Today I decided mine need to come out of the cupboard and be put to good use…

We have been working on colour recognition with my youngest learner, so these sticks are a great way for him to visually see the different colours and sort out the shades. These sticks also work on fine motor skills, as your little learner uses their pincer grip to clip on each coloured peg to the correct stick.


  • Mini pegs
  • Jumbo paddle pop sticks
  • Different sized circle hole punchers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Coloured paint chips (Coloured paper)


  1. Take your two hole punchers and punch out 1x large circle and 1x small circle from each colour shade.
  2. Once you have done all the colours of your choice take your hot glue gun and begin to add the large circles to the jumbo paddle pop stick.
  3. Now take your smaller circles and carefully glue them to the top of the pegs. (If you don’t have a hot glue gun you can use craft glue)

4. Once you have glued all your coloured circles to the pegs and jumbo sticks place them in a bag for a fun travel activity!


There are many different learning skills your little learner can develop with this simple activity;

  • Fine motor skills (using their fingers to place the peg on)
  • Language (talking about the different colours, including colour mixing)
  • Visual perception (seeing the 3 different shades of colour)
  • Problem solving (understanding and sorting the different shades)
  • Numeracy (counting the different colours, or adding and subtracting the colours)
  • Bilateral coordination (holding the stick in one hand while clipping on the peg)

Want to further explore colours, check out our new range of colour recognition cards!

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