5 Min Cupcake Craft

Cupcakes are such a delicious treat. Whatever the flavour or occasion I cannot pass up a tasty cupcake!!

Adding play foods to your little ones play kitchen can be costly. So I decided to create our own cupcakes to not only save on money, but to show my little ones that sometimes you don’t need to go to the shops to buy certain toys.

Here’s how I made our “delicious” pink iced cupcakes!


  • Coloured Pom Poms
  • Cupcake cases
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Styrofoam balls (medium)


  1. Take your styrofoam ball and paint only the top half. Just enough so you don’t see it once it’s inside the cupcake case.
  2. Add a fair amount of glue to the bottom of your cupcake case and gently place your styrofoam ball inside. (If it slips inside the case, use your paintbrush to slide it the right way up)
  3. Now take your Pom Pom, add some glue to the top of your styrofoam ball and gently place your Pom pom on top.
  4. Leave your cupcakes dry over night, then add them to your little ones play kitchen for some imaginary play!

TAA DAA you have just made some delicious pretend cupcakes! Wanting different flavours…just change the colour of your paint or even add some sequence or glitter!!

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