Our train table has seen better days…We bought this one for Oli I think on his 1st birthday from Kmart and figured it would be a lifetime investment. Well after a couple of years of crashing race cars and using it as a drum THEN Elliot’s dinosaur stomping and “standing” on it, it was time for a revamp!

I didn’t want to throw it out because it’s at the perfect level for so many different play invitations so a fresh new face was what it needed! I dont have time to paint it and wait for coats to dry so I figured maybe wrapping it in vinyl might work!

Oh boy when I finished i couldn’t believe how well it actually turned out! So here’s what I did…


  • Vinyl wrap 2x rolls (Kmart Australia)
  • Sticky tape


Step 1. Take apart your whole table. Make sure to keep all your screws and bolts together.

Step 2. Start off with wrapping the inside boards first. Take your vinyl roll and measure out how much you will need for each board, then begin to wrap.

Step 3. After wrapping the inside boards measure out your front and back panels and start wrapping them.

Step 4. Measure the outside leg panels and wrap them too. This was done in two halves, to make the wrapping easier.

Step 5. Finish off the inside ends by taping over the corners with some sticky tape to secure the wrap in place. (Optional)


  • Use a plastic card such as a gift card, or bank card to smooth out the wrap as you slowly stick down your vinyl.
  • Don’t take off the complete backing paper as this will make it hard to wrap your pieces, just unravel small bits at a time, to reduce air bubbles.

Now you can enjoy a fresh new train table with a complete new look!

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