Travel Zipper Mat

As little ones get older they naturally become more curious, and explore new skills.

My little one has taken an interest lately in zipping and unzipping EVERYTHING! He is up and ready to get out of bed with his sleeping bag off and on the floor, but the hardest part is when he wakes up in the the middle of the night screaming because he cannot re zip his sleeping bag…after he un zipped it!

So here is our keep busy TRAVEL ZIPPER MAT to support and further encourage those new found zipping skills!


  • A3 3mm felt sheet 1x
  • A4 Coloured felt pieces 7x
  • 3x dog collars (dollar store)
  • Matching coloured buttons
  • Coloured Zippers 7x

Additional materials

  • Thread
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1.

Make your button strips. Cut out from each coloured piece of felt a 11cm x 3.5cm strip. Sew your matching coloured button to one end of each piece. Then cut a small slit into the other end, small enough for the button to fit through.

Step 2.

Cut off the existing bands on your dog collars as this will be replaced by new felt ones. Cut 3 felt pieces then cut in half to add to your clips. (2cm x 21cm) Glue the felt pieces together to make your new bands.

Step 3.

Once you have your button bands and clips ready take all the materials and lay them down to your A3 piece of felt. This will help you figure out how you want your pieces placed on the mat.

Step 4.

Take your hot glue gun and begin to carefully glue down all your pieces. Make sure to add a small amount of glue on your zips so you can open and close them.

Now you have your very own travel zipper mat that will keep your little one busy! Once your done playing just fold it up and pack it away, or take it in the car or even add it to your handbag!


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