10 Frames and Number Cards


10 frames can be used in so many different ways such as;

  • counting to ten
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • number patterns
  • counting in twos
  • counting in fives
  • fractions
  • number recognition
  • number sequence

and much more, weather it be in the classrooms or in a homeschool environment.

Here are 6 different ways to use our caterpillar themed 10 frames and number cards.

1. Frame Flash 
Pick a frame card and get your little learner to focus on that frame, now put it down (face down) and get your little learner to remember how many dots was on that specific card, including the number.

2. Sequence
Get your little ones to place the frames in the correct number sequence, this is fantastic for exploring number order/sequence including number recognition.

3. Roll and Build
Use a dice with the blank frames and get your little learner to build up to the number shown on the dice.

4. Trace and Draw
Either use the number cards or blank frame cards to trace and write the numbers or draw out the correct amount of circles.

5. Number Match
Use number pieces (magnets) with the number cards and get your little learner to match with the correct number.

6. Visual Aid
Get your little ones to count and follow along the numbers on the number cards for memory.


Counting Items 
There are many different counting resources that you can use with these 10 frames and number cards, which you might currently have in your household.
Some of the items we like to use are;

  • yoghurt pouch caps
  • play dough
  • dried beans
  • erasers
  • dried pasta
  • pom poms

You can shop these 10 frames and number cards by clicking the image below.




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