Cookie Monster Craft

Hands up if you like cookies? We are big cookie lovers over here so when our tea box became empty I couldn’t wait to turn it into something super fun.

We are currently looking at numbers so turning our tea box into a cookie monster that can count is the perfect way to encourage counting and number recognition.

Here is what you will need to make your very own Cookie Monster.

  • Empty tea box
  • Blue stock paper 15 x 30 cm
  • Monster eyes
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Counting cookies (optional)

Click the image below to get your copy of our monster eyes.


Step 1. Cut out the tetley sign out to make a mouth for the monster. (Keep the telly sign for the next step)

Step 2. Take your blue card stock and trace out the tetley sign.

Step 3. Take your paper and cut a small 4cm strip of paper and stick it to the front of your lid. Wrap the rest of the blue paper around the box and use the sticky tape to hold it down.

Step 4. Take you googly eyes and sticky tape them down to the front of the box. (On the lid)

Optional – to add strength to the googly eyes you can laminate it before cutting them out.

Hooray you have just created your very own Cookie Monster!

Wanting to extend this craft further and turn it into an early learning activity, check out our cookie counting freebie…

Click the link below

Counting Cookie Jar Freebie

Happy Playing!

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