Mode of Transport Printable Freebie

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Still continuing on from our transportation week, I decided to set up the mode of transport for Oli to sort out and explore. We have been learning about what types of transportation are out there and how they can be used. This activity was fantastic for so many different learning developments;

  • Language skills
  • Fine motor
  • Phonics
  • Colour and shape recognition
  • Understanding of the world around us!

This week as kinder has started we have been working on our letter tracing so I made these cards for Oli to work on with this current topic of interest.


We used our A Mummy Can Create scented mint dough for the grass, bubblegum blue for the water and cookies and cream for the air. Added these pictures (just from google) to our paddle pop sticks using some double sided tape. Let me tell you that if you haven’t gotten any double sided, you should check it out, it has come in handy so many times!

Click here to get your hands on our non toxic scented play dough.

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