Ice Cream Shop (dramatic play)


What do you do when you have a 3 year old who thinks he needs ice cream after dinner every night…make him his very own “Ice Cream Shop”!

Dramatic play spaces encourages so many different learning areas for children, such as;

  • imagination
  • language development
  • role playing (pretending to be someone or something)
  • social skills
  • communication

It helps them gain an understanding of the world they live in, while exploring their own unique imagination.


To set up this super cute parlor I used;

  • Printable’s
    From Little life long learners “Ice Cream Parlor” set which helped make this play space come to life! Click the link Little Life Long Learners “Ice Cream Shop Printable”
  • Toppings
    Recycled spice and sauce bottles filled with;
    – coloured rice for sprinkles
    – almonds for nuts
    – coco pops for choc chip
    – cotton balls for cream
  • Cones
    Paper towel tubes cut in half for our cones. Which were the perfect size to fit inside an egg cartoon placed upside down.
  • Ice Cream
    Our A Mummy Can Create scented play dough, which matched so well with the coloured printable’s. Click the link AMCCreate Scented Play Dough
  • Ice Cream Shop Stand
    Our ikea kitchen turned around, which worked so well as a store once flipped around.
  • Artificial grass
    Was a bargain from Bunnings Warehouse Australia
  • Wooden Ice Cream and Caddy shelf 
    A Kmart Australia find.
  • Ice cream bench 
    An ikea stool, which I don’t actually ever use as a stool but instead a bench for random set ups. But i have to say it works brilliantly as a coffee table too!


“Mummy how are your today”, said Oli as he grabbed out some cones to serve with our tasty ice cream. It was lovely watching him serve out all the flavours, over and over again.


Scooping out each flavour using the special ice cream scoop seemed to be loads of fun. This was a brilliant way to work on his hand eye coordination especially his fine motor skills as he grasped the scoop and jar together. It also was a great way for him to work some other different learning developments;

  • concentration (placing the dough onto the cone)
  • number and colour recognition (counting how many ice creams, including each colour)
  • language development (talking about the different scents, flavours, toppings)


It wasn’t long till Elliot came over to see what all the fun was about. He is always so curious as to what we are always doing, so this was also a fantastic little activity for him to explore, along with adult supervision.  He took care of the the sprinkles while Oli served up the cones.

Hope this inspires you to set up your own little dramatic play area to let your little ones imaginations run wild!



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