Hungry Caterpillar Story Tray

Elliot got this gorgeous touch and feel play book for his birthday, which he loves reading together with Oli. We have read the original story before with Oli and he loves it too! So I decided to create a hungry caterpillar invitation to cater for both my little ones.

I love recycling and finding things around the house to turn into fun activities, so this was super exciting to make!


  • Pringles Tin
  • Coloured paper (green, yellow and purple)
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Red paint
  • Baby jar lids

Step 1.

Make sure your pringles tin is empty and washed. Take your green paper and measure out the length of the tin. ( I used a mini tin which was the perfect size for little baby fingers) Wrap the green cut out piece of paper around your tin, and either use sticky tape or glue to hold it in place.

Step 2.

Take your coloured paper and cut out two yellow round circles for the out side of the eyes and two smaller green ones for the inside. Make sure to cut a little circle for your caterpillars nose.

Cut out a hole in the lid as this will be your very hungry caterpillars mouth. Be careful when doing this as it can be quite a fiddly task.

After all the cutting is done, glue the eyes and nose down.

Step 3.

Take your lid and paint it, with any type of red paint. I used red nail polish instead because I didn’t want to be patient and wait for each coat of paint to dry!

Step 4.

Cut out two long oval shapes for the ears and sticky tape them down, on the inside of the tin. Once the lid is added this will further secure the ears in place.

Now you have your very own cute hungry caterpillar for your little ones to enjoy over and over again. Weather it be used along with the story or just as a play invitation.

After making our caterpillar I decided to create some story discs to go along with our caterpillar and story book.

You can grab your copy of our “Hungry Caterpillar Story Discs” including our matching clip cards in our store,
by clicking the image below.

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