Nori The Koala Printable Freebie

One of the cutest Australian animals is the Koala. During our recent family vacation we visited a wildlife park and saw some beautiful Australian animals. It was an amazing experience being able to share it with the children especially now that Oli is older. During our adventure we came across the koalas which were hanging in the trees making some really loud noises, that Oli thought was absolutely hilarious.

By the end of our visit Oli was complelty smitten by the super cute Koalas and labeled them his favourtite animal!

I decided to create a little activity for Oli to explore his fine motor skills, threading through holes with some wool. I added some masking tape to one end of the wool to make it easier for him to grip and thread through each hole.

Click here to grab your copy of our super cute Nori The Koala!



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