Gilbert The Frog Printable Freebie

Since Oli was very little we have always believed in a well structured bed time routine. This routine has always worked well and still does, to which now Oli reminds us if we missed something! Every parent has their own style of bedtime routine that works with their individual child, but I am a big believe in whatever works for your child and keeps you sane then go with it. There are days where I think ‘why is this not working today, but it did yesterday’ because we all know someday’s can feel like you are on a wild roller coaster!

So i wanted to share with you all our bedtime routine with our 3.5 year old…

First off we start by packing up some toys because who doesn’t love to pack up! We also like to encourage independence so fingers crossed one day we wont have to do it anymore…hmmm i know a mum can only wish!

After all the toys are packed away Oli knows its milk time. He gets a little glass of milk to calm him down from his very busy day then heads off to get his PJ’s.

Once dressed he heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, then a stop off at the toilet. Now this takes FOREVER because not only does he love to waste time he also enjoys talking about his whole day… on the TOILET!

After he has had the longest toilet break and the biggest conversation about his day he strolls ever so slowly to his bedroom to pick a story for the night. Now we give him two choices, he can either pick one super long story or two short stories. There are nights were he is so engaged in the story that he asks for it to be read for the next three days!

I love doing story time, its such a special time where my mind always thinks about how quickly he is growing, but at the same time seeing what an amazing little human he has become. We then exchange some big cuddles and kisses then say goodnight for another 15 times before we actually leave the room.

So tonight’s bedtime story was special because this one has always been a favourite. We started reading this story since Oli was about 1.5 years old and his concentration skills lasted a bit longer than a minute. This story “The wide mouthed frog” is brilliant not only because it’s a pop up book but the illustration are fantastic. When reading stories I love putting on character voices, it’s almost like the story becomes alive and makes it much more enjoyable with my little ones.


I decided to create a little print out activity for Oli to explore and feed a super hungry frog called Gilbert.

Click the link below to get your copy of ‘Gilbert The Frog’.

Gilburt The Frog

We decided to take our print out and an empty tea box to create Gilbert the frog for Oli to use his imagination and feed Mr frog some tasty fly’s.

This was a fantastic way for Oli to use his fine motor skills including hand eye coordination as he feeds Gilbert the fly pebbles through his little frog mouth.



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