Colour Sorting Bottles 

I love lush products!!! Not only do they smell amazing but I get so excited when I open up a new gift pack. Its a wonderful feeling discovering what new scents and flavours are in the little gift packs. Lush make some wonderful shower jells in cute little bottles, that I keep collecting in hope of upcycling it into something awesome.

So today is the day that I have finally come up with a brilliant activity using these gorgeous little bottles for my little ones.

Before starting on our bottles I made sure to wash them thoroughly.


  • 6x Empty lush bottles
  • White label paper
  • Spray easy (Paint & Prime)
  • Pom poms
  • Cardboard box
  • Nail polish remover (optional)

Step 1.
Taking off the sticky labels are a bit tricky, so I used nail polish remover to get rid of that stubborn left over stickiness, to allow for a cleaner finish.

If you know an easier way to remove sticky labels please feel free to send me a message or comment below. 

Step 2. 
Take your bottles and your box and set them up outdoors. As you can see I used a nappy box which was just the perfect size. Setting them outdoors means no paint in the house and no little hands trying to explore!


Step 3. 
Start spray painting your bottles on one side first. This spray can was a 10 minute touch dry so after 10 minutes I turned them around and added a coat to the other side. To create a nice thick white look I added two coats of paint to the lush bottles, and let them dry over night.


When buying the spray paint I had no idea where to start so a lovely lady at the store suggested this Paint and Prime tin, which was purchased at Bunnings Warehouse Australia for under $10 AUS.


Step 4.
Once my bottles were all dry I created my coloured stickers, printed them off using special label sheets and cut them out. I then added the labels to my lush bottles and BAM…fantastic colour sorting bottles!

Label sheets used were from Office Works Australia called Avery, White Trueblock Internet labels for Shipping, parcel and packages. 



Add some coloured pom poms and there you have a brilliant colour sorting activity, for your little ones to explore many different learning developments;

  • Colour recognition
  • Numeracy
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills





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