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My name is Cat and here is a page filled with simple and creative activities to explore with your little ones. I love creating fun activities to keep my boys busy and engaged yet supporting them through their developmental milestones. We discover different types of play such as; sensory, imaginative, nature, literacy and numeracy.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn”. 
-O Fred Donaldson 

Creating a fun activity can be easy and simple, and doesn’t always need a whole lot of materials. I believe sometimes less if more and as long as your little one is enjoying the activity then that’s a WIN!

Since becoming a stay at home mum, it has been a lovely journey sharing all the fun classroom experiences with my own children. I have now come to finding a new passion for creating my own early learning resources/printables and graphics.

There are days where I miss my classroom, so designing and creating all these resources keeps a smile on my face and growing little learners engaged in their own learning experience.

A busy child is a happy child…

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