Alphabet Fishing

Who doesn’t love a simple water play activity. Someday’s are easier than others so keeping both little ones entertained to keep this mummy sane is a must. As Mr 7 months is getting bigger he doesn’t enjoy bath time inside the little baby bath. Instead of reminiscing about the past I thought why not make some new memories with this beautiful dusty baby bath that was originally my first sons, because we all know the second child always gets the hand me downs! Not that there is anything wrong with that but I sure did NOT want to spend more on a new bath…Hmm now I find myself rambling on about a baby bath!

Ok so I thought instead of this bath collecting dust I wanted to use it in a fun yet handy way, so this is where ‘alphabet fishing’ came about.

As we love using our foam alphabet letters in many different activities we thought this would be a perfect invitation for a fishing experience for both my little ones.

We used a couple of materials for this set up so it was easier to play alphabet recognition.

  • Foam letters
  • Contact paper
  • Permanent marker
  • Baby bath
  • Small strainer

Taking our popular contact paper I cut out a big enough piece to fit all of our foam letters on. We then took our contact paper and carefully stuck it on our surface ready to be drawn on. I used a black pen first to trace each letter then a black permanent marker to go over each letter for a better visual image. I traced around each letter and added the lowercase and uppercase letters underneath for Oli to recognise and learn the difference.


After tracing all 26 letters of the alphabet it was time to fill up our baby bath. Once the bath was filled we added 3 drops of blue food dye, just to give the water a slight bit of colour but not enough to stain little hands.


We added our foam letters and Oli immediately took the strainer with excitement “I’m ready to go fishing mummy”, and a fishing he went! Oli would catch one letter at a time, call it out and matched it with the corresponding letter on the contact paper. As he got the hang of it he would take more letters at a time.

This activity kept Mr 3 engaged and excited as each time he stuck a letter on the contact, he would look at which ones were left to fish.

During this activity Mr 7 months face seemed to light up while Oli was exploring. Water play is a wonderful yet simple way for your little one to discover sensory play. Once Oli was done fishing we placed all the letters back in the tub, ready for Mr 7 months to investigate.


Mr 7 months loved splashing and attempting to chew the super enticing foam letters. As the letters floated away with every splash Mr 7 months would reach out to try and grab them.


We set up our activity on tiles to make it easier to clean up puddles of water made from excited little ones, although you could use a mess mat, fitted sheet or even a foam mat.


Water play is a great way for your little one to discover their motor skills. As they take the strainer and fish out each letter they develop stronger hand-eye coordination.

When your baby reaches out and grabs each letter this also increases their fine motor skill.

The alphabet foam letters encourages your little one’s language skills as they sound out each letter, including letter recognition while searching for the corresponding letter.  

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