Farmyard Sensory Tub


Creating a sensory tub can be very easy when using super simple resources. We raided our pantry this morning and found some ingredients that appealed to an inviting farmyard sensory tub. Oli has recently been interested in animal play so our bedtime stories involve a very special book that he has grown quite fond of “Farmer Cleggs Night Out”! Oli has been talking  about the different farm animals from the story, so we decided to create an engaging farmyard sensory tub to relate to his favourite story time book.


Here are the materials used in this activity;

  • Coco puffs
  • Weet-bix
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Shredded coconut
  • Spaghetti
  • Food dye


We took our weet-bix first and began to build a fence to divide our farmyard. We then started to fill each part with our four different food items. Using food items in play experiences I always find is easier to work with and safer with the little ones especially when they become curious.


After setting out our weet-bix fence we took our corn kernels and filled the bigger area for our cows. We then took our shredded coconut, coco puffs and spaghetti and placed them in the remaining divided areas. To turn our spaghetti into some horse hay we broke the spaghetti in half and half again, this gave the illusion of some tasty horse hay.


We previous had some left over coloured coconut so we used this to fill out or grass patch.

To dye your shredded coconut all you need to do is add about 20-30 drops of green food dye to a bag filled with two cups of coconut.

Oli could not resist taking a sample of our delicious looking coco puffs, so after he took a couple of mouth fulls we finally managed to fill the last divided area for our little piggies to roll around in.


Once all the areas were filled we took our farm animals and talked about where each animal lives on the farm. Oli loved opening and closing the pretend farm fences for the animals to walk through, so he made a permanent gate opening for the baby pigs to walk through whenever they pleased.

We loved talking about our wonderful farm animals, including how and where milk comes from! I think this might make a great topic for our next adventure because Mr 3 was very fascinated about the fact that cows make milk.





Children are curious in their learning so setting up a natural farmyard invitation encourages questions which lead to developing their vocabulary skills. This activity encourages sensory play as your little ones use their little hands and fingers to explore the imaginary farmyard.

We have used foods with different textures such as; soft, rough and bumpy. This can help your little ones to learn and discover the types of textures while engaging in a fun activity.




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