Animal Letters

This week Oli has been quite interested in all things animals, so I wanted to share with you all how we created this letter recognition activity. We love this topic because it’s endless and can be explored in so many ways, such as this activity set out.

I LOVE going on a mission to find different things around the house to create a fun and engaging activity for Oli. I collected some bath foam letters, formula tin lids, paper, and little farm animals just from the dollar store. I always keep things that I think can be reused in future adventures and with the amount of formula my baby goes through these tins have there own cupboard space. Although hubby thinks I’m crazy for having over 25 empty formula tins in the house, I on the other hand think it’s great!!


We then cut out some cards big enough to fit one foam letter and one farm animal. Oli chose his favourite three farm animals to use first.


I asked him what each farm animal were called and what sounds they make. Oli responded well and began to match the correct farm animal with the corresponding letter. With the excitement shining on his face Oli could not keep his eyes away from the paint; lets just say he was very thrilled to get started.
Keeping some wipes or wash clothes on hand is recommended during paint changes. 



As your little ones use their hands to hold and print with the foam letters they are working on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Talking about the different animals and what sounds they make supports your little one with their language skills. This activity also encourages memory as they focus on remembering the animal names and the letters they start with.

Animal letters can be altered to your little one’s current interest such as Cars/Transportation, Shapes and Foods. There will be many topics that will keep any toddler excited and engaged. You can even reuse your cards as flashcards, so making this can be a go-to activity time and time again!


Hope you enjoy this activity as much as my Mr 3 has…


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