Coloured Rice Matching

We cannot get enough of sensory rice play. At the moment Oli has taken an interest in the animal kingdom so we have been planning on creating an activity to cater to his interest in animals while challenging his busy mind.

This sensory play activity incorporates, so many developmental milestones. We explore colours, literacy, numeracy recognition and fine motor in this fun activity.



Before we started we made a couple of batches of coloured rice to match our bright wooden animals which were another Kmart goodie.


  • Coloured rice (orange, brown, green, blue, yellow, white)
  • Masking tape
  • Recycled baby food jars
  • Spoon
  • Wooden animals
  • Recycled doughnut tray


We took the six jars, numbered them with tape and individually added the coloured rice. The animals were then placed inside our doughnut tray ready for Oli to begin exploring. We talked about each animal including their colour and what sounds they make. Oli took one animal at a time and matched it with the corresponding coloured rice.



Oli then placed the animals back inside the plastic tray and began to count the jars. Oli would recognise the number on the jar and take out the amount of scoops needed for each animal. He seemed quite pleased with himself holding the jar ever so carefully as he used the spoon to fill the tray.


Each time he took a spoonful the scoops would get bigger and bigger, so we made sure to put aside some extra coloured rice just incase we needed a top up.

Oli absolutely LOVED scooping spoonfuls of coloured rice to match each animal, so this activity lasted a VERY long time because In toddler world concentrating for three minutes is equivalent to three hours!



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