Animal World

We love a good sensory activity especially when half of the materials are found in your PANTRY!
When setting up an activity little hands always come in handy and my little one never denies an offer of help when creating a fun sensory activity.



  • Shredded coconut
  • White rice
  • Food colouring /Acrylic paint
  • Zip lock bags
  • Toy animals
  • Small twigs
  • Rocks / Pebbles
  • Small round plastic lid
  • Rolled oats

Before you begin to create your animal world you will need to colour the rice and coconut. We used acrylic brown paint instead because we didn’t have any brown food colouring.

First measure out one cup of rice and place it inside a zip-lock bag as this will be for your blue rice. Take the remainder of the rice and place it inside a zip-lock bag as this will be for your brown rice. We put 30 drops of blue dye in our blue rice bag and about half a cup of brown paint for our brown rice bag. You can alter the colours to your own liking by adding as little or as much dye/paint.


This is where Oli loved joining in to create our beautiful coloured rice. Your little helper can take over and shake, squish and jiggle the rice bags to mix through the dyes evenly.

Make sure to not pinch the bag as this can cause the bag to tear, and you don’t want freshly coloured rice to cover your work space, we learnt this the hard way.


Once the coloured rice bags were made, we placed the rice in separate trays to allow the rice to dry for about an hour, before little fingers go exploring. We lined our trays with baking paper to protect our baking trays.


Next we followed the same process that we did for our rice, but this time we used our shredded coconut. We used the full bag of shredded coconut and added 2 ½ table spoons of green food dye.
While making our coloured coconut, Oli noticed how nice the shredded coconut smelt, this then started an interesting conversation about where coconuts come from…”Mummy Dora the explorer has coconuts in her backpack”. So after having our lovely conversation about Dora and coconuts, we let our green coloured coconut to dry for an hour on a baking tray lined with baking paper.


Now for the fun part; creating our super fun animal world. We took 3 cups of rolled oats and placed it in one corner of our tray. We used our shredded green coconut to fill the other side, and left the bigger side of the tray for our brown rice. To make our pretend water hole, I recycled a round plastic container lid and filled it with our blue rice.


We took a trip outside our garden and collected some garden rocks and twigs (we washed our rocks to get rid of any dirt). Oli grabbed some of his jungle animals and we put together our animal world.



Once our animal world was complete we role played out some different jungle animal sounds, talked about the different types of animals and their habitats. Oli took a liking to THE SNAKE! He liked how it slithers along the ground and hisses, where as mummy on the other hand prefers the cute little jumping frog.


This activity was a big hit with Mr 3 but I would 100% advise you to place your animal world on a surface where it makes cleaning up easy!





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