Spring time flowers

YAY spring is here and its our favorite season of the year! Oli loves to pick flowers wherever we go. He enjoys learning about all the different types of flowers, colours and scents. He is such a funny character; even if the flowers he finds are fake he still enjoys smelling their scents and pretends they smell beautiful. So today we decided to make our very own flowers using some simple items…

I am a lover of recycling and repurposing household goods into fun crafts and activities for the boys, because hey they are free first and foremost, and by recycling these items you are helping our environment. In this activity I have used an empty cinnamon spice jar and a doughnut container…I have a weakness for CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS, I just cannot get enough of them!



  • Pom Poms
  • Glitter
  • Cupcake cases
  • Green paddle pop sticks
  • Glue
  • Small bits of coloured paper
  • Masking tape



So to start off you need to turn your cupcake case into a flower with open petals,
so here’s how;
1. Cut down to the center of your cupcake cases on the top and bottom.


2. Now do the same thing but on the left and right side of the cupcake case, to turn your two big petals into four smaller petals.


3. Once you have done that, all you need to do now is cut in between the four petals you have already made to make a total of 8 petals. (Don’t worry about making the petals exactly even, as long as you have some petals for your little ones to apply glue on you are doing great).


4. Now for the best part; let your little ones create their beautiful spring flowers. We used a small paintbrush to make it easier for Oli to spread out his glue. When it was glitter time, I used the doughnut lid to keep the glitter left overs in one place.

Just a little tip, make sure to add extra glue when sticking the pom poms down as you might also get a very concerned toddler who requests that the pom poms needs to STAY ON! 



5. Once our flowers dried, we used masking tape to secure the paddle pop stick to the back of the flowers and now you have a beautiful spring flowers made with love from your little one.






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