Creepy Crawlies

As the warmer season slowly approaches Oli always loves a good play outdoors. He collects twigs and uses them to dig up the dirt in our yard and searches for different creatures.  “Big Bug Little Bug” is one of the many stories that Oli loves to read just before bedtime, so this morning we decided to have a look through the book and find out what creatures we might find outside. He absolutely LOVES getting messy with any kind of sensory play, so we decided to do some finger painting to create different creepy crawlies that live in our garden.


cc 1

cc 3

After MANY attempts I finally managed to draw up a simple jar picture to fill with Oli’s finger prints.

cc 2

We then chose some paints that would resemble the creepy crawlies and talked about the different body shapes and colours of each bug. Oli loved printing his finger on the paper, each time he choose a different colour he got more excited.

cc 4

cc 5

Once the beautiful creatures in the paper jar dried, I took a blacker marker and added some fine details to make these creepy crawlies come to life.

cc 6



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