Hanging out the washing

My Mr 3 currently wants to be super independent in any way he can. The chores around the house use to take me roughly 15 minutes but now it takes 45 minutes with his very helpful little hands. So as my first post I wanted to share with you all this fun play space that we created that kept him busy.

I thought what better way to encourage his independence by creating his very own washing up play space. This honestly did not take me long to create as most of the items used were found just lying around in my kitchen and laundry. I can assure you though that this little activity seemed to keep my tiny helper very busy.


Materials List:

  • Shoelace
  • Baby food box
  • Baby formula tins
  • Mini pegs
  • Scrap bits of felt
  • Softener bottle
  • Baskets
  • Masking tape
  • White A3 paper
  • Spoon/scoop
  • Dowels (44cm each)

Before starting make sure to thoroughly wash the formula tins and the softener bottle so they are ready to be used by your little ones. Take your A3 sheet of paper, fold it in half then wrap them around the tins with some tape.


Grab another piece of paper take some textas, crayons or anything in the house that you can create with and design your unique washing powder label. (Your little one will love it either way, perfect or not)


Take your shoelace ends and tie them around each dowel end. Take your dowels once the shoelace is attached and tape them to the back of the formula tins. (Make sure to use plenty of tape to secure the dowels in place, you don’t want little fingers pulling it apart too quickly.)


For this next step, you can use a variety of colours or textures of felt to make your clothing cut-outs. I just used some random bits of felt I had lying around the house and cut them out. You can choose to do as many outfits as you like, maybe even get creative and add some extra decorations such as sequences, glitter or buttons to your clothing pieces. (You can encourage your little one to get involved by letting them add the decorations to the felt cut-outs, this creates great fine motor skills for their little fingers).


Take your baskets, set it all out and let your little ones explore…YAY


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